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Welcome to the website of David Walsh, formerly of 109 Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland. David is a Notary Public, eNotary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Retired Solicitor, Kayaking Instructor, Author.

Biographical sketch

Rock climbing Glendalough

David was born in 1950 and qualified as a solicitor in 1972. He was in general practice at 109 Ranelagh, Dublin 6 ever since until he retired on 30th November 2019. David provided a comprehensive service in all branches of the civil law for the personal as well as the commercial client. In 1979 he was appointed a Notary Public and shortly afterwards he was elected to the Governing Council of the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland, whom he has continuously served ever since. In 2009 he was appointed Registrar of the Faculty, and he is currently the C.E.O. of that organisation. In 2010 he performed Irelands first ever eNotarial act and was for some time to the forefront in the promotion of eNotarial advancement in Ireland. David is regarded as having both great expertise in and a wide experience of Notarial practice.

David is married with four point zero children and currently five point zero grandchildren. He lives near his office in Ranelagh from which he and his brother Johnny still practise as Notaries Public and intend to continue so to do into 2020 for a few months anyway.

For many years David played regular tennis in Rathgar Tennis Club, enjoyed cycle touring with the WW Cycling Club, sea kayaking (summer months only these days), and he hillwalks regularly, but currently his abiding passion is rock climbing, at which when younger he was quite competent and has many first ascents of Irish rock routes to his credit (including one E1, on Owey Island in County Donegal), besides at least nine first ascents of virgin Arctic peaks in Greenland, as well as in Spitzbergen in the Svalbard group. He is the author of Oileáin, the definitive work on Irish islands first published by Pesda Press in June 2004. The publication of "Oileáin a Dó" was launched in Dublin on 7th March 2014 under ISBN 978-1-906095-37-6.

On 10th April 2014 Aras an Uachtaran and Buckingham Palace jointly announced that President Michael D. Higgins had just presented, during a state visit to London, a signed copy of "Oileáin a Dó" to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales on behalf of the Irish people.

On 27th June 2014 David was awarded the Diploma in Notarial Law and Practice Dip.Not.L. by the then Dean of the Faculty Jim Sexton in the presence of the then Chief Justice Susan Denham.

2016 had David participating in a sea kayaking expedition to far northwest Greenland (Upernavik Isfjord and beyond to Giesecke Isfjord, for the knowledgeable). The 2016 trip was well motivated and covered 300km in the fortnight. 2017 was mostly about “heritage conservation”. His sporting ambitions for 2018 focussed at first on kitchen gardening, same as 2017. Then over the winter and in 2019 rock climbing re-entered his life and is now absolutely centre stage

The whole Walsh family is focussed right now on the development of current grandchildren, with eldest Thomas Rouse turned 23 on 31st January last. Next in line is six year old Charlotte (born 19th February 2015 BEFORE a certain prestigious family in a nearby country made the name common AND received a copy of "the Book", making it soubly a good year for them). Then comes Peter for son Daire with wife Michelle Hodnett born Christmas morning 2016 and Esme his second grand daughter for daughter Sarah with husband Robert Kearns born 2nd May 2017 (she is a handful, but David walks her to school every morning with Charlotte). Orla, the youngest, the runt of the litter, married Ben Okonji (they know each other since school days) on 3rd March 2018 (remember Hurricane Emma, all that snow ….). Now they have "terrible two" son Jakub Obi Okonji, born 25th March 2019, handsome as anything, the spit of his grandfather, and another, a daughter Georgia Nwaeze born on 11th February 2021, prettier than anything. Obi means "king" and Nwaeze means "queen". Since then has arrived Theo to Sarah and Robert 30th April 2021, sturdy as a rock, a man mountain, strong and placid as Tadhgh Furlong. 2021 is the year of the grandchild with yet another on the way for Christmastime for eldest son Justin - his first - with Kate Hawthorn, we wish them all well.